XIII Foresight Training Course

Challenges for Researchers and Regulators facing the pandemic crisis


The unprecedented COVID-19 emergency has had a huge impact on the whole society as well as on the prompt availability of effective medicines, questioning the Pharmaceutical System worldwide.

The Coronavirus pandemic clearly demonstrates the need to revise some of the cornerstones of the European Pharmaceutical System and of the drug development process in order to properly meet patients’ needs and ensure them timely access to medicines under all circumstances.

Annually, Fondazione Gianni Benzi organises the Foresight Training Course (FTC), a short international course aimed to promote pharmacological research and innovation. The pandemic has had an impact on our activities too, but we do not give up!

Therefore, this year, due to the restrictions enforced, the XIII FTC will run virtually and in a shorter version on 23 October 2020 at 09:30 AM (CEST). It will be focused on how the pandemic crisis forced the European Regulatory Pharmaceutical System to change.

We want to discuss the proposed European Union (EU) new strategy, just launched in the pandemic framework, that aims to improve and accelerate patients’ access to high-quality, safe and affordable medicines and to support further innovation in the European pharmaceutical industry.

The first session of the course will exactly address this new European strategy, giving way to the Health Authorities and Regulators as well as to different stakeholders involved in the announced revolution of the EU Pharmaceutical System.

Experts from companies, healthcare professionals, researchers and patients’ groups will share their contribution representing the key points to be discussed during the meeting.

Fondazione Benzi, that has always been actively committed in contributing to the regulatory debate, will gather all the considerations from stakeholders and will guide this process.

The EU pharmaceutical debate includes the proposal to revise two main EU Pharmaceutical System pillars: the Orphan Medicines Regulation and the Paediatric Regulation, that will be deeply considered in a dedicated window of the meeting in order to discuss possible improvement and administrative simplification without reducing their relevance for patients, companies and researchers.

The agenda will be updated soon! Stay tuned!

Instructions to register and join the event:

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09:30 – 09:50      Keynote address

Session 1 – The COVID-19 emergency and the European pharmaceutical system: strengths and weaknesses

09:50 – 10:10     Pharmaceutical Strategy for Europe

10:10 – 10:30     EMA strategy: how COVID-19 pandemic has changed the regulatory framework for timely approval of new and innovative drugs and vaccines

10:30 – 10:50     Action plan for affordable and accessible medicines for European citizens

10:50 – 11:50     Roundtable:

10:50 – 11:10     Company perspective

11:10 – 11:30     Patients perspective

11:30 – 11:50     Healthcare system perspective

11:50 – 12:10    COVID-19 accelerates research and development of new vaccines: academia perspective

12:10 – 12:30    COVID-19 accelerates research and development of new vaccines: company perspective

12:30 – 14:00     Break

Session 2 – Special insights on pharmaceutical R&D plans and rules in the framework of the pharmaceutical system reform

14:00 – 14:25     The key points of the survey on the Pharmaceutical Strategy – Timely patient access to affordable medicines

14:25 – 14:50     Orphan Medicines Regulation faced with changes in EU and US pharmaceutical perspective

14:50 – 15:15     Safe and accessible medicine for children: how to change the Paediatric Regulation

15:15 – 15:40     Research and innovation for new and advanced medicines: the role of Artificial Intelligence

15:40 – 16:05     Ethical concerns and risks in health emergency: patients protection and fundamental rights

16:05 – 16:30     Discussion and final remarks

You can support our activities, including also the organisation of the Foresight Training Course, with a voluntary contribution that will help us keeping on our commitment and involvment in the research field. Even a small contribution can make the difference. Thank you!

Course Scientific Committee

Adriana Ceci | Fondazione per la Ricerca Farmacologica Gianni Benzi Onlus
Enrico Bosone | Società Italiana Attività Regolatorie
Fedele Bonifazi | Fondazione per la Ricerca Farmacologica Gianni Benzi Onlus
Salvatore Vincenzo | Università di Insubria
Annagrazia Altavilla | Espace Ethique PACA-Corse/AP-HM
Viviana Giannuzzi | Fondazione per la Ricerca Farmacologica Gianni Benzi Onlus

Organised by

Fondazione per la Ricerca Farmacologica Gianni Benzi Onlus

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