Coordinamento Thalassemici Regione Puglia is organising the conference "PUGLIA E THALASSEMIA - Consapevolezza, Conoscenza, Cura" on Saturday 10 June 2023, at Hotel Hi in Bari, Italy.

Coordinamento Thalassemici Regione Puglia is a second-level association consisting of 7 associations in Apulia Region (Italy) and representing about 600 patients.

It operates for non-profit, civic, solidarity and social value purposes and aims to:

  • establish collaborations for a better management of Transfusion Services and Thalassaemia Centres, with all Associations and with all those interested in the needs of thalassaemia patients, both at local and national level;
  • guarantee the protection of thalassaemic patients resident in the Apulia Region at national, regional and local institutions;
  • promote and support initiatives to improve Thalassaemia Treatment Centres and raise awareness on blood donation.

To this end, Coordinamento Thalassemici Regione Puglia is organising the Conference “Puglia e Thalassemia - Consapevolezza, Conoscenza, Cura aiming to increase the awareness and knowledge on the disease through the speeches of the main stakeholders.

The quality of care and therefore the improvement of patients' lives depend precisely on these factors.

Important representatives of institutions, all the clinicians of the Thalassemia Network in Apulia Region and from other Regions will participate.

The event, sponsored by the Apulia Region, is also organised in collaboration with the major national federations: Fondazione Italiana “Leonardo Giambrone” per la Guarigione dalla Talassemia e Drepanocitosi, Federazione Nazionale delle Associazioni - UNITED and Fondazione Gianni Benzi Onlus

The event will run in Italian language only. Discover the agenda here.

You can register for the event scanning the QR-code here below or contacting the secretariat.

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