Doping is a theme particularly close to the heart of the Foundation, because it was one of the aspects that prof. Benzi, a scientist strongly passionated about sports, lived and studied with great attention.
Gianni Benzi has dedicated part of his life to show not only that doping was a widespread practice, but also loosely supported by complaisant doctors and athletes and clubs incapable from a medical-pharmacological point of view.
He revolutionized the concept of doping, defining it as “the improper use of medicinal products and of all substances used outside the specific treatment or nutrition context for which they were put on the market”. Although initially strongly opposed by national and international sporting bodies, today its concept of doping is widely shared in many countries. According to Gianni Benzi, doping was a phenomenon to be analyzed in scientific terms: only in this way, offering everyone, and in particular to young people, clear, precise and free from any prejudice information, we can fight this scourge that afflicts sport.
Fondazione per la Ricerca Farmacologica Gianni Benzi Onlus has gatheres the heritage of prof. Benzi and for over 10 years is committed to the difficult task of raising awareness among citizens and young generations on a topic of great current interest through awards, publications, events and projects.

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