Fondazione Gianni Benzi keeps on giving its contribution to make you correctly informed on the current situation. Here following some updates from the World Health Organisation (WHO): 

On 30th January 2020, the WHO announced that the COVID-19 outbreak was a Public Health Emergency of International Concern and on 11th MarchWHO described the COVID-19 situation as a pandemic 

Up to date data on the international COVID-19 emergency can be consulted on the WHO Health Emergency Dashboard. It is a platform which aims to share information about public health events and emergencies. The data on the dashboard is refreshed every fifteen minutes and data is accurate as at time of refreshing. 

It includes an interactive dashboard/map that provides the latest global numbers and numbers by country of COVID-19 cases on a daily basisYou can consult it here.

The WHO is making many efforts to support the countries involved in the COVID-19 pandemic. Among its activities, technical guidance for COVID-19 has been published on its website. It includes recommendations and implementation tools for governments and organizations addressing several topics that have a key role in the emergency management such as:  

  • Critical preparedness, readiness and response actions for COVID-19 
  • Country-level coordination, planning, and monitoring 
  • Surveillance, rapid response teams, and case investigation 
  • National laboratories 
  • Clinical care 
  • Infection prevention and control/WASH 
  • Risk communication and community engagement
  • Reduction of transmission from animals to humans  

You can find further topics and related documents here

Moreover, to sustain the preparedness and response to the emergency, WHO provides with WHO Massive Online Open Coursesreal-time training courses addressed to health professionals, decision-makers and the public. 

As the pandemic continues to evolve, new resources will be added, additional language versions will continue to be rolled out, and existing courses will be updated to best reflect the changing context. 

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