The roundtable "Malattia di Lafora: dalla ricerca di farmaci ai diritti dei pazienti - Per una stretta cooperazione tra ricerca e assistenza" will be held on Monday September, 12th at 6:00PM CEST at Aula Aldo Moro - Palazzo Del Prete, Piazza C. Battisti - Bari, during the XXVII National Meeting on Medicinal Chemistry, hosted by the University of Bari this year.

The roundtable, open to researchers, healthcare professionals, citizens and media, aims to compare the experiences of all the stakeholders involved in the management of Lafora Disease, including researchers, clinicians, families and patients, in order to enhance the different competences and the need to network, especially in the field of rare diseases.

Lafora disease is a rare inherited neurological disease with a progressive course and generally with onset during adolescence.

The Department of Pharmacy at the University of Bari is currently working on this very rare form of epilepsy, by using an integrated multidisciplinary approach that Fondazione Benzi strongly supports according to its vision in the field of rare diseases research and training activities.

See the leaflet of the round table here (Italian version)! Moreover, additional information about the National meeting, including the full programme, is available at the following link:

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