The biotech approach to paediatric medical devices – European Biotech Week


During the European Biotech Week (27 September – 3 October 2021), the European Paediatric Translational Research Infrastructure (EPTRI) has organised a webinar “The biotech approach to paediatric medical devices” to explore the relationship between medical devices and biotechnology in the context of the needs of children and young people. It will also provide a case study on the challenge in developing resorbable implants for children and the need from the patients’ point of view.

The webinar will be addressed to researchers from academia and industries who deal with paediatric MDs challenges.

The speakers will be: Prof. Paul Dimitri, Professor of Child Health and Consultant in Paediatric endocrinology at Sheffield Children’s NHS Foundation Trust, and Prof. Annelie Weinberg, Professor of Orthopedic and Trauma specialised in children’s trauma at University of Graz.


29 September (15.00 – 16.00 CEST)

15.00 CEST Convergent technologies in child healthProf. Paul Dimitri
15.25 CEST Paediatric orthopedic trauma: bioresorbable implants from bench-bedsideProf. Annelie Weinberg
15.40 CEST Questions&Answers

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