ID-EPTRI (European Paediatric Translational Research Infrastructure) is a European funded project aimed to design the framework for a new research infrastructure (RI) dedicated to preclinical and translational paediatric research for developing new paediatric medicines 

The final aim is to accelerate the acquisition of new knowledge and scientific innovation in different research areas such as paediatric drug discovery, biomarkers identificationdevelopmental pharmacology, age tailored formulations and medical devices. This can be achieved by networking scientific excellence and setting up collaborative paediatric thematic Research Platforms in the above-mentioned areas 

On April 2-3, 2020 the EPTRI Open meeting was held online due to the COVID-19 emergency. It was attended by more than 150 participants and was the occasion to present the project challenges and achievements reached so far. The meeting gave an interesting overview on the next steps and the scientific topicsspecifically addressed to the paediatric population health 

EPTRI will be an open science space allowing researchers to work together without geographical, institutional or financial barriers and a system of many interconnected areas, each of them focused on a specific paediatric research area. 

Fondazione Gianni Benzi is actively involved in the design of the organisational and technical model of the future infrastructure, providing the setting-up and the implementation of Information Technology (IT) platform and IT technologies to coordinate the information flow (communication, collaboration, and information sharing) among the participating units and services within the RI and with the external environment (member states, industry, existing RIs, patients and other stakeholders). 

This represents a step forward towards the challenges of the paediatric sector!  

Discover more about EPTRI by visiting its website. 

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