Fedele Bonifazi, President of the Gianni Benzi Foundation, was invited to take part to the 4th Annual Conference of the ELIXIR Czech National Node that was held on 11-12 November in Kurdějov (Czech Republich).

The conference was the occasion to present one of the projects in which the Foundation is deeply involved. The main objective of this project is to create and design the framework for a new Research Infrastructure (RI): the European Paediatric Translational Research Infrastructure (EPTRI) aimed to improve technology-driven paediatric research in discovery and early development phases to be translated into clinical research and paediatric use of medicines.

To harness efficiency in delivery of paediatric research activities and services, EPTRI plans to strengthen collaboration within the scientific paediatric community and other existing RIs.

ELIXIR is a RI that brings together life science resources (i.e. databases, software tools, training materials, cloud storage) from across Europe. It coordinates these resources to enable scientists to find and share data, exchange expertise and best practices.

The proposed synergy between EPTRI and ELIXIR, aims at establishing a “Common service on data interoperability” to be delivered to “customers” as a collaboration of the two RIs, considering that one of EPTRI purposes is to facilitate sharing and re-use of data, while ELIXIR provides bioinformatics resources.

Follow the EPTRI advancement and news here!

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