The second Apulian survey on the cryoconservation activities of human biological material coordinated by Agenzia Regionale Strategica per la Salute e il Sociale (AReSS Puglia) has been officially launched.

Viviana Giannuzzi, researcher at Fondazione Benzi, is involved in the working group “Progetto Biobanche” (D.G. resolution n.87/2019) of AReSS Puglia, as ELSI (Ethical Legal and Social Issues) expert. The working group, in collaboration with AReSS Puglia, has drafted a guideline document for Apulia region to regulate the cryoconservation of human biological material for research, diagnostic and therapeutic purposes. The document aims to propose a governance model on this topic. Moreover, the document includes:

  • the general requirements needed to characterize the several cryoconservation activities carried out in Apulia region
  • the Standard Operating Procedures, to be referred to in order to enable the networking among biobanks and with researchers
  • a self-assessment form to frame the different situations experienced within the region in order to implement a shared process of recognition, adjustment and development.

Both the guideline document and the self-assessment form include the ethical and regulatory requirements for the cryoconservation activities.

Both those who have contributed to the 2017 survey and other regional organisations interested in biobanking are invited to participate in the survey. The deadline is 28 February 2021 to fill in the survey that is available here.

Discover more on this initiative on the AReSS Puglia website.

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