The Thalassaemia International Federation (TIF) just published the guidance on Thalassaemia & Sickle Cell Disease: Classification of Risk Groups & Other considerations.

Patients with Thalassaemia and Sickle Cell Disease (SCD) are likely to be at increased risk of complications from the COVID-19. Therefore, this guidance aims to provide a classification of the level of risk around these patients depending largely on age, co-morbidities and overall general health. It gathers published information on risk factors and best practices and recommendations for patients’ best management in the time of the pandemic.

This risk classification of patients will serve as a basic guide for patients, parents, healthcare professionals and policy makers in their decisions during the COVID-19 pandemic. For further details you can read the guidance and much more material here!

A survey on COVID 19 and Hemoglobinopathies conducted in Italy by Società Italiana Talassemie ed Emoglobinopatie (SITE) reveals that 122 COVID-19 cases in patients with HBs have been reported. Among them 98 with β-thalassemia and 24 with SCD. You can find more here.

COVID-19 pandemic impacts the whole society in terms of socio-economic challenges as well as on the healthcare system worldwide. COVID-19 has been proven to be life-threatening to all patients especially those suffering from serious diseases including thalassaemia and SCD, affecting also their access to emergency care that represents the cornerstone of their disease management such as transfusion practices, routine monitoring tests, outpatient care, and social support and care.

Ensuring the access to this kind of treatments to patients with haemoglobinopathies (HBs) in a safe and an uninterrupted way, should be considered mainly by the policy makers at the international and national level. Therefore, specific measures should be adopted to meet the healthcare needs of these patients also in emergency circumstances.

In particular, blood transfusions are lifesaving treatments especially for patients affected by HBs and now more than ever this kind of treatment is challenged by the COVID-19 that has also led to a shortage of available blood supplies. In this framework all citizens can have an active role!

Fondazione Benzi firmly believes in raising awareness on this urgent topic. To this end, a special campaign on the need of transfusions and the key role of the blood donation will be launched soon!

Do not miss this new initiative!

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