The 1st Advanced Therapies Science Meeting (ATSM), organised by RESTORE project, was held on the 25- 26 November in Berlin. Advanced Therapies are at the front of the innovation in medicine and include gene, cellular and tissue therapies. The use of these therapies is facilitated by the data science revolution, that is able to manage a ‘big’ amount of biological and health information.

Fondazione Gianni Benzi onlus participated in this event presenting a poster during the session focused on Ethics, Economics, Big data and Artificial Intelligence (AI).

The poster was prepared by Elisabetta Volpe, researcher from the Foundation. It describes and highlights the application of the AI in the healthcare sector, with reference to the Machine Learning (ML), one of its important branches, which provides the researchers with new tools and perspectives to develop non-traditional therapies such as advanced therapies, personalised medicine and precision medicine. ML offers a lot of opportunities in this era of Big Data, but at same time several challenges, including the ethical ones, should be faced.

The study analyses the ML techniques available in the field of precision medicine and advanced therapies and the technical, ethical, and regulatory implications to be addressed with special reference to paediatric applications as the future goal. The potential of ML is currently evolving and implementing. However, the use of ML in the paediatric sector is still limited.

For this reason, many efforts should be made to guarantee the application of these innovative technologies also for the paediatric population that can benefit from them.

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