SIAR conference on patients active involvement

How it is conceived the role of the patients in the new therapies generation processes and what will be the future of patients associations? Where and when their contribution is needed? What institutions and other interested parties should do to answer to patients requests? These are the main topics that will be tackled in the conference Active participation of patients to new therapies generating processes: development, evaluation and real access to the needed therapies.

The conference is organized by SIAR (Italian Society on Regulatory Activities), in collaboration with Fondazione per la Ricerca Farmacologia Gianni Benzi and Cittadinanzattiva, and it will be held on July 10 in Rome at the Italian Ministry for Health.

The conference represents an opportunity to meet, reflect and analyse the contribution of the patients associations to the generation of new therapies, in order to define a common path aimed at a more integration among the different actors around the patient figure.

Prof. Adriana Ceci, President of Fondazione Gianni Benzi, will open the conference, together with Stefano Vella (AIFA President), Enrico Bosone (SIAR President) and Tonino Aceti (Cittadinanzattiva President).

Also, prof. Adriana Ceci will be the moderator of the roundtable dedicated to when and where patients associations have to contribute to the process of new therapies generation.

Download the event agenda.

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