Il bambino emofilico III…Generazione futuro

On May 5th the President of the Gianni Benzi Foundation, Prof. Adriana Ceci, will be the moderator of the first session of the event “Il bambino emofilico III…Generazione futuro”, organized in Bari at Villa Romanazzi Carducci. The session will be attended by outstanding experts from all over the country.

Hemophilia is a pathology recently in the spotlight for many reasons: being a monogenic disease, it could cured with the gene therapy; more and more hemophiliacs reach the third age with a good quality of life; the current replacement therapies have a high drug-economic impact.

Treating the haemophilic child means to put him on center of a complex welfare system where the pediatrician hematologist pull the ranks of the good clinical practice. The territory must be aware of the basics of haemophilic child care and must know how to dialogue with the reference centers.

This meeting wants to be an opportunity to debate and try to win the prejudices that still weigh on the small hemorrhagic patients.

The event is supported by the Gianni Benzi Foundation.

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